Mario Brown loves to speak and he’s one of the most in-demand speakers on Internet Marketing, Mobile Solutions, Book Publishing, Mindset and High Performance in the world.

Mario creates customized presentations for every client completely based on their needs.

3 Reasons Why Coordinators Love
Booking Mario Brown!

Been There, Done That and STILL Doing It

Mario is still fully in the trenches. He runs 3 successful businesses doing multiple live events every year and he’s constantly launching new valuable products, he’s traveling the world speaking to large audiences and he’s publishing bestelling books consistently.

All that while still enjoying his life finding time to travel with his wife, play basketball and indulge in other lifestyle hobbies.

Long story short, everything that Mario is teaching is working RIGHT NOW and it comes from the trenches. He only teaches strategies that currently work and that he’s using on a daily basis when it comes to Marketing & High Performance.

Experienced Speaker & Business Man

Working with Mario is a breeze. He understands the business side and he’s hosting live events himself, therefore he knows exactly what coordinators are looking for and he’ll ensure that your needs are met.

Mario is always well prepared and arrives with custom presentations tailored to the specific audience in the room.

Keynotes, fee based speaking, platform selling, pure content – he does it all.

Life Changing Message

Every presentation has a unique message that will inspire your audience and more importantly it’s going to empower the attendees to outstanding results & achievements.

Motivational stories combines with cutting edge information and proven strategies is the mix that has proven to be most successful – and that’s exactly what Mario delivers!

The speaking keynote starts at $5,000 for U.S. appearances and at $10,000 for International appearances.

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